Fenty Beauty Got Me Sprung For Spring

Spring is officially here! Kinda. Not really if you’re like me and watching Toby the Nor’easter drop an estimated 12-16 inches on New York City.  But Spring IS coming and I wanted to share some of the trends we’ve seen on the runways for Spring & Summer collections.  

Spring & Summer makeup calls for bright colors and emphasis on healthy, glowing skin.  As the temperatures begin to rise, less is more in terms of our makeup choices.   When it’s hot & humid out, you’re not going to want to pile on the makeup because you don’t want to worry about it melting off and looking like a hot mess.  You’ll want the focus to be on your skin with blushes, highlighters, and bright, glossy lipsticks instead of your full-coverage matte foundations, heavy eye-makeup and dark liquid lippies (we’ll miss you!)  

Fenty Beauty is my current obsession with their gorgeous highlighters and blushes that you’ll want to stock up on for summer.  Seriously, Rihanna has been putting my credit card into overdraft mode because I’ve decided that I needed all of their highlighters and Match Stix in every damn color.


Fenty’s Match Stix ($25) come in two kinds: Shimmer Skinstick, which are the creamy highlighters & blushes, and Matte Skinstix for highlighting and contouring.  Over the past few years, I have tried countless highlight and contour products but Rihanna’s Match Stix  are by far the best on the market right now.  They come in 20 different shades ranging from Porcelain to Espresso and this is one of the main reasons Fenty Beauty has become so successful in such a short time.  Rihanna saw a gap in the market and wanted her line to to be accessible to all skin tones and colors.  These sticks are a cream-to-powder formula with buildable coverage that covers dark circles, hyper-pigmentation and redness.  I’m particularly obsessed with the shade “Amber” because it’s perfect for pale skin contouring because of it’s cool, grey tone because a lot of other contours out there are warm, and look orange on light skin.  Riri changed the game with these sticks.  Their innovative magnetized design allows them to stick together, along with the travel contour/highlight brushes so you can just throw them in your bag for touchups.  On Fenty Beauty’s website, you can customize a set of 3 with your choice of Conceal, Contour, and Highlight for $54.  

On to the Shimmer Skinsticks.  YOU NEED EVERY SINGLE COLOR.  They range from the more natural highlighters like Starstruck (iced-out pearl), Rum (gilded bronze), and Sinamon (cinnamon bronze) to the more unique shades like Blonde (glimmering gold), Confetti (an opal pearlescent shade) & Unicorn (a lavender shimmer.) The other shades are more like blushes: Yacht Lyfe (peach-pink), Ridiiic (golden papaya), and Chili Mango (sun-kissed orange.)  These multi-purpose sticks can be used alone on the eyes, cheeks, and even lips, or as a base for a powder highlight for an even more intense, multi-dimensional look.  Some people have complained they can be dry when applied directly to the face, but the trick is to warm them on the back of your hand first.  I’ve found that the best way to apply them it to use your fingers and pat them gently onto the skin.  The warmth of your fingers makes it easier to blend rather than applying directly to the skin.  

From left to right: Unicorn, Confetti, Rum, Blonde, Starstruck. Yacht Lyfe, Ridiiic, Chili-Mango

Last but certainly not least, Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters ($34).  These are also cream-to-powder formula so they stay put and don’t budge and they are ultra-pigmented! The Killawatt Duos come in 4 shades, the left side is a a more subtle, day-time shimmer while the right side is a more intense, bolder highlight.  The four Duos are: Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal (Pearlescent shimmer,) Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby (Peachy-Champagne shimmer,) Girl Next Door/Chic Freak (Pink-Peachy Shimmer) and Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule (Copper shimmer.)  Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule is beautiful for darker skin tones! It’s definitely too dark for me to use as a highlighter but I use it as a shimmery copper blush instead.  Rihanna’s favorite and most well-known Killawatt Highlighter is Trophy Wife, which is a 3-D hyper-metallic gold and pairs perfectly with the “Blonde” Match Shimmer Skinstick for a multi-dimensional look.


From left to right: Tropy Wife, Moscow Mule, Ginger Binge, Chic Freak, Girl Next Door, Hu$tla Baby, Mean Money, Fire Crystal, Lightning Dust

Last step for setting your makeup to last through the hot summer sun is Fenty’s Invisimatte Blotting Powder ($32).  This stuff is AH-MAY-ZING.  This translucent powder smoothes the appearance of pores for perfect finish and won’t leave you with a white reflection in photos like some of the other setting powders out there.  I tried it out on my hand at Sephora and it went immediately into my basket.  Apply it onto the areas you put concealer to set it, and anywhere you see any unwanted shine, which is inevitable on hot summer days.  The best part about this stuff is the touch up brush is magnetized to attach to the compact so you can blot on the fly.  Don’t leave home without it 🙂


What are your summer glow essentials?



2 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Got Me Sprung For Spring

  1. UGH, the snow has been relentless this year, hasn’t it? Happy first few days of spring, haha!

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    1. Every week it’s a different Nor’easter! I’m going to Italy next week and when I get back it better be spring! 😑

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